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Forms and Resources

Submit a request at your convenience using the links and information provided below.  Click here to find other ways of contacting PremierOne Credit Union.

Membership RequestsDescription
Membership Application/Update

Interested in joining PremierOne Credit Union? Learn more and apply to open your membership online now by clicking here

Use this form to request updates on your existing membership, such as a name change, add a joint owner, or beneficiary designation. Fill and print for each owner to sign, and send to us via Secure Email, or Schedule an Appointment at your nearest branch.

Courtesy Pay Form

Select your account overdraft options. Courtesy Pay is offered to eligible members and may cover overdrafts on your account when authorized, including checks, automatic payment (ACH) transactions, and recurring debit card transactions.  If requested, we may also authorize and pay everyday debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals.

Click here to learn more.

Update Contact Information

Log into eBranch to securely update your address, email, or phone number.  Access Settings > Profile to update your information.

If you do not have access to eBranch, please submit this form to the Credit Union: Change of Address Request

Phone Banking Guide Your guide to performing automated phone banking requests 24/7.  New to Phone Banking? Contact us to request your access.


Funds Transfer RequestsDescription
ACH Allocation Form Add or update automatic account transfers linked to your direct deposit.
City of San Jose Retiree Payroll Deduction

Submit by the 10th of the month in order to be effective by end of the month.  Requests received after the 10th will be effective the following month.

Cross Member Transfer Authorization Authorize another PremierOne Credit Union Member to transfer from their account to yours.
Direct Deposit Form
Provide this completed form to your employer to set up payroll direct deposit into your PremierOne Credit Union account.
Domestic Wire Transfer Request

Please visit your local PremierOne Credit Union Branch to request a new wire transfer. If you need further assistance, please click here to contact us.
You can also link your external accounts to initiate one-time or recurring transfers at no charge by logging into eBranch, then access Transfers > More Actions to get started


Transaction Dispute/Stop RequestsDescription
ACH Stop Payment Form Cancel a one-time or recurring electronic payment before it is debited from your account, such as a subscription fee or utility bill paid with your checking account number. For payments initiated though PremierOne Credit Union Online Bill Pay, please call 1-844-596-1073.  For card transactions, use the Cardholder Dispute Form below.
ACH Transaction Dispute Form
Dispute an unauthorized or incorrect electronic transaction that has been debited from your account, such as a subscription fee or utility bill paid with your checking account number. For payments initiated though PremierOne Credit Union Online Bill Pay, please call 1-844-596-1073. For card transactions, use the Cardholder Dispute Form.
Cardholder Dispute Form Dispute an unauthorized or incorrect card purchase or ATM transaction.  For authorized purchase transaction disputes, first contact the merchant in order to include your attempt to resolve on the dispute request.  Additional information may be requested in order to complete the dispute resolution process. 
Cashiers Check Stop Payment Form Request stop payment on a lost/stolen cashiers check issued from your PremierOne Credit Union account.
Personal Check Stop Payment Form

Log into eBranch to request stop payment on a check you issued.  Click your checking account to access Account Details > More actions > Stop Payment.

If you do not have access to eBranch, please use this form to electronically sign & submit securely to the Credit Union: Personal Check Stop Payment Form

Card Updater Service Opt-Out Form

Request to opt-out of the Credit Union updating card information to merchants you have set up recurring charges with.


Lending RequestsDescription
Visa Balance Transfer Request Consolidate and transfer your other credit card balances to your PremierOne Credit Union Visa Credit Card.
Make a Loan Payment Discover the many convenient options available to pay your PremierOne Credit Union loan or credit card.
Loan Products & Applications

View our loan offerings to find the right product to meet your needs.  We have a variety of options and terms for Home Loans, Auto Loans, Personal Loans, and Credit Cards.

Submit your online application today!

Skip-a-Payment Request  Request to skip your monthly consumer loan payment.  Not applicable for real estate secured loans.  If you are experiencing difficulty with paying your PremierOne Credit Union real estate secured loan please visit our Real Estate Hardship page for additional information and resources.
 Subordination Checklist

Use this checklist for subordination requests.  A subordination agreement is generally used when there are two mortgages and the mortgagor needs to refinance the first mortgage.  It acknowledges that one party's interest or claim is superior to another in case the borrower's assets need to be liquidated to repay debts. 


New Auto*


24-Month IRA Share Certificate*


Home Equity Line of Credit*




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